Nothing to Fear

F alse

E vidence

A ppearing

R eal

Someone recently shared this with me and I loved it. Because isn’t this how Satan likes to work? He likes to invoke fear by appearing to be something that’s real, but isn’t?

But then when you look up fear in the Bible and add God to it the definition completely changes.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the holy One is understanding. Psalm 9:10

The fear of the Lord adds length to life… Psalm 10:27

The fear of the Lord is the fountain of life, turning a person from the snares of death. Psalm 14:27

…through the fear of the Lord evil is avoided. Psalm 16:6

Satan may be trying to invoke fear in our hearts by our passports and visas not being here yet, but I don’t believe it is about those paper things! I believe it’s about finding our fear of the LORD that we might find strength, wisdom and understanding about His sovereign ways! I believe it’s about the many people praying on our behalf. They are all working together to come to the thrown! And if I know anything about Satan I don’t think he wants us to be praying, but we ARE praying! YOU are all praying! What an incredible thing!

Thank you for your love and prayers for us! I know the Lord hears each of them and I believe He will answer them in His own timing! I just need to open my hands a bit more instead of trying to grasp what I really can’t!

In Christ’s precious name,


These two are becoming the best of friends!

Noah LOVES to built legos! This is his most recent!

Meanwhile Ethan puts stickers all over his face and feet!

I made slippers for all the kiddos.

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