Christmas has always felt a certain way for me. It’s always been cold or at least cool and most of the time I’m hoping for a fresh blanket of snow to make the dead of winter feel fresh and clean.

And the smells! Those cold nights that leave your nose frozen when you breathe in the air that smells of snow! Cookies baking! A warm home filled with family enjoying games, food, conversation, laughs, and gifts!

All of these things are so special to me and have been over the years. As I try to make my home feel like Christmas this year in weather that can get up to the 80s during the day, no snow, no warm home filled with our families, it just seems to fall short.

But recently we got to be a part of a candle light Christmas carol singing here in Ukarumpa. And as we sang “Hark the Harold Angels Sing” with the piano playing I couldn’t help but be taken back to caroling with family. It brought tears to my eyes and I got choked up and I couldn’t keep singing. It was probably pretty powerful too that I had someone standing next to me that I was always so comfortable singing next to in Church back home…. (my mom in law).

Fred’s mom was able to visit for two weeks and it was such an incredible blessing!

That was the moment Christmas came to me here in Ukarumpa, on the other side of the world from what I’ve known as Christmas for the 30 years of my life.

So I asked myself, “What, in this very moment, is making it finally feel like Christmas?” The answer was singing. Then I asked, “what is singing?” There it was… its worship!

Ahhh I finally understood in that moment! The worship of the Lamb is what I have to bring to my home this Christmas! Yes, we’ve always had worship in our home but this year it’s got to be our mainstay! I can decorate all I want and make a tree with Fred and put lights up and make cookies with the kids, but if we aren’t worshiping then it’s all pointless!


Fred had the opportunity to be a part of a Bible dedication at the beginning of November. And all of this talk of worship reminded me yet again of why we are here! To help bring the word of God to the remote people groups of PNG! And let me tell you this Bible dedication is about as remote as they get!

Worship the Lord with gladness, come before him with joyful songs. ~ Psalm 100:2

So this Christmas season as we think of Mary cradling her sweet baby Jesus let’s remember that He is worthy of our worship! Even as a babe!

May God bless your Christmas just like He has blessed our Christmas here on PNG!

Much Love, Jodi

1 thought on “Worship

  1. Love this! We don’t know you that well but have been following along and appreciate this perspective! Prayers as you navigate the losses of time with family through the holidays too. – Nick and Amber


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