I’m sure many of you are wondering how we are doing over here on the other side of the world….

We, like most of the world are in self-isolation. We are on day 8 of a 14 day travel ban that has been set in place by the Prime Minister of PNG.

What does this mean for us?

  1. Fred is unable to fly.
  2. Travel between provinces is not allowed at this time.
  3. We are to stay 6 feet away from anyone who does not live within our household.
  4. We are not allowed to go to our store but they are taking orders and delivering to our door.
  5. No fresh produce market, but there is a team of people working to provide us with fresh produce we might need.
  6. No church.
  7. No social gatherings ( ex: friends over for games)
  8. Kids are on spring break currently and they have one more 8 week term of this school year left…. It looks like we may be homeschooling the rest of this year.

With all that being said here is a glimpse of our past week in isolation….

The morning before we started our self-isolation Fred was able to fly this small group of people out of village to where they needed to go. He was asked to wear a face mask and then at the end of the day they brought the helicopters back to the Centre for different contingency plans.

We’ve played lots of games…. Ticket to Ride Junior, Too Many Monkeys, Matching, Go Fish, Pass the Pigs…. just to name a few!

A few others things we’ve done…. We went for a ‘hike’ to the top of the mountain… Letty was the only one that wasn’t fooled by our terminology we decided to use. We washed our truck, made candles, watched the dog and cat have a stare down, baked bread, received a birthday package (YAY!!). Oh and not pictured is the hours of Lego and reading time that we have done.

While we are not able to have an open market but there was a team of people able to go and collect produce from smaller markets. Fred had the privilege of helping collect this produce and distribute it to people on Centre.

IMG_6849 - Copy And I save this for last but certainly not least… This is what church looked like for us this past Sunday. The Lord truly met us here! My sister Megan was able to help lead on the worship team.

A few of the reminders from the morning were that God is Great in spite of this        ‘bigpla sik’. God is bringing us together in a way that He intended family to be. And what a special time to experience this closeness with Holy Week coming up!

We love you all so much!

We are praying for our church family, our family and our partners that you all can draw close as a family and to God through this time of slowing down.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.         – 2 Timothy 1:7




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