Sacred Echoes

I had  friend share the term, Sacred Echoes, with me not too long ago.

Have you ever sat down in church and the minister, pastor, preacher read the same passage you had just been dwelling on?

Or been talking with a friend and they said they were learning about something from the Lord and it turned out to be the same thing the Lord was teaching you?

Or gone through an experience only to learn yet again the same thing you’ve been learning since you were a young Christian.

Well, these are what I would call sacred echoes.

And as I sat to write this and I looked back at the titles of my past posts, this was the title that came to mind. Simply because I feel like in the last little bit of time I have relearned every one of the same things I’ve already blogged about.

  1. Waiting…When we were preparing for our family holiday to Australia we were waiting to see what Fred’s test results would be. Waiting builds patience…we’ve had to wait for babies to come, we’ve had to wait for paperwork to come through, we’ve had to wait to come to PNG…. A Sacred Echo
  2. Fear…. False Evidence Appearing Real… about 4 days before our holiday I had a dream that Fred’s test results came back and that he had cancer. I felt fear trying to take me over yet again. I was reminded that Fear is not actually real evidence….. A Sacred Echo
  3. Prayer…. when we were preparing for our trip we did not forget to ask for prayer. As we have seen that power of it in our past and we knew/know how essential it truly is to live this life. Recently I read a quote that expresses how I try to view prayer…”Until we know that life is war, we will not know what prayer is for.”- John Piper. We had to choose to believe yet again that prayer was/is essential and truly place our trust in the Lord….. A Sacred Echo
  4. Listening to the Lord…. We also had to choose to listen to the still small voice of the Lord. While in Australia we got to visit many stores and restaurants and parks, but I think by far for everyone’s favorite was the beaches. I get emotional thinking back to those moments of sitting on the beaches while the kids all played in the water and sand. I felt like I could sit and listen to the Lord and feel His whisperings in my heart…. A Sacred Echo
  5. The Joy of the Lord…. and in those moments I felt the joy of being a mother again! Life here can be so stressful and busy and I’m not sure I have taken the time or been able to see this place and my role with true joy from the Lord. But this changed it. I was able to look forward to coming back to PNG with new eyes. With eyes that saw the joy of the lord in everything! This culture, my role as a mom and wife and homemaker, and just living here….. A Sacred Echo

While it may seem foolish for having rushed to Australia for tests that came up clean and clear. I’m choosing to believe the Lord knew what we needed as a family. The time we spent together as a family was refreshing and filled with joy and love. We are so thankful to know that Fred is completely healthy.

We have no idea why the pain was there. Once he received word that his permit to fly in PNG was in he has not had a spot of pain. We choose to believe that we, like Jacob in the Genesis 32, had to wrestle for this blessing it just had to cause some pain along the way. (Thank you Omero for this thought)

We have been back for 5 days and Fred has gotten to fly for 3 of those days! This is what we have been working so hard to get to do, serve the Lord through the talents he has given to both Fred and I!


 Then the man said, “Your name is no longer Jacob, but Israel, because you have struggled with God and with humans and have overcome.” – Genesis 32:28

Much Love, Jodi

Please enjoy some pictures from our trip! I think our children have perfected silly faces:)

3 thoughts on “Sacred Echoes

  1. Frederick and Jodi; Sounds like spiritual Growth. God is to be praised and we are to remember that God is always with us!!! I am happy as your mom, when I see Godly growth. I am thankful when I know you are walking with the Lord. joyful!!!! mom

    On Fri, Oct 11, 2019 at 6:08 AM Frodi’s Flight Log wrote:

    > Frodi posted: “I had friend share the term, Sacred Echoes, with me not > too long ago. Have you ever sat down in church and the minister, pastor, > preacher read the same passage you had just been dwelling on? Or been > talking with a friend and they said they were learnin” >


  2. Thank you for sharing Jodi. Remembering FRED as a baby in pain and weeks of antibiotics. A sacred echo that God is still good and ever present. Love and prayers, aunt Lori.


  3. It’s so good to hear that you guys are well! You guys have an amazing opportunity to serve God where you are (even though that’s what we’re all called to wherever we are). Praise God for health, a flying permit, and hearts willing to serve! Praying for energy and peace during the busyness and stress.


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