Faith and Deeds

A few days ago we got to spend some time with some friends who have been on the mission field for a number of years. There is a bond that happens when you can communicate about another culture and completely understand how the other feels.

Anyway… as we talked and shared pictures about the “homes” we had away from “home” it brought a renewed excitement for both of us.

But then this morning I was reading in James and it said, “You foolish person, do you want evidence that faith without deeds is useless?” (James 2:20)

Then is goes on to share that Abraham showed his faith by being willing to sacrifice Isaac because he wanted to obey his God. And Rahab was willing to hide the spies in Jerrico because she believed in the God of the Israelites.

These verses reminded me that I can have faith wherever I’m at! I can love my kids here in the States and I can love them in PNG. I can be in awe of the beautiful ice covered trees here in the States just like I can be in awe of the mountains in PNG.

BUT if I am not obeying God wherever I find myself then people are not going to know me by my faith. I can have faith on the inside and just sit around doing nothing and no one will see that I have faith. And I can do good things for others and not share the convictions I have in my heart. But if I show that I am willing to obey God by going and doing then people will see my Faith through the DEEDS that I am doing.

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